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Fresh Rockii Tree Peony Seeds

$ 15

Stock is limited for seed orders. For tips on starting tree peony seeds see our blog post
We collect the rare seeds of rockii tree peonies, such as Snow Lotus, Compassionate, Purple Butterfly in the Wind and other great gems. These peonies yield viable seeds so try your hand at raising a crop of tree peonies from our open pollinated seed. Peonies raised from seed are hybrids, and won't be exactly like the parent plant, though they may strongly resemble it. We have raised many fine new plants from seed. These tree peony seeds are mixed colors and great for the experimental gardener. Tree peonies grown from seed will bloom in about 4-5 years, so this project does require some patience.

We will send complete instructions for starting seeds and planting. Tree peony seeds will grow in USDA Zones 4-9.

Seeds will be back in stock in September 2022.

Offer good for a U.S. address only due to strict inspection requirements. 

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