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Paeonia rockii, 'Glorious Journey' Chinese rockii tree peony

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Name in Chinese and pin yin: 光輝歷程 Guang Hui Li Cheng

Notable characteristics: Bold, open single form 7-8" flowers in a striking shade of purple-violet. Deep black maroon flares at the base petals are very prominent. Upright habit, grows to 5' tall and 4' wide. 

Cultivar group, hybridizer: Northwestern (Gansu) cultivar group, Chen Dezhong, 1986.

Growth habit and size at maturity (10 years old): Upright and semi-spreading, grows to 5' tall and 4' wide.

Flower form and size: Single, 7-8".

Flower fragrance: Sweet.

Bloom time: Late season rockii tree peony, blooms in our USDA zone 6a garden in the last week of May.

Zone hardiness: Proven in USDA zones 4-9.

Plant size: 1 year old tree peonies have 1 woody stem and a proportional root system. This size plant will most likely flower its first or second spring in the ground.

2 yr old plants are larger, with 1-2 woody stems and a dense root system. Likely to have a few blooms the first spring after planting. 

When we ship:  
FALL 2022. 

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