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Bob Keating Peony Ring

$ 148

We are thrilled to offer the best peony rings on the market. These beautiful yet functional steel peony rings will help support the stems of heavy double blossom type herbaceous peonies. Without support, many traditional lactiflora type herbaceous peonies tend to flop over when in bloom.

We first came to know Bob Keating's work on a visit to the New York Botanical Garden to see the newly renovated Matelich herbaceous peony garden a few years ago. He is a lifelong gardener and metal artist with a studio in Southbury, CT. His whimsical yet sturdy and functional works live in many of the fine gardens of northwestern Connecticut. Read a profile of Bob and his work in the Litchfield County Times here.

These peony rings will last a lifetime!

Here are the details:

* Constructed of carbon steel, the rings will acquire a rust patina with age.

* The rings weigh 8 lbs each and are very stable, the legs only need to be pushed a few inches into the ground.

* The latticed ring is 20" wide, the legs are 24" tall.

About shipping: Shipping on these rings is quite expensive. These are shipped in a heavy duty, high-crush test, doubled walled box which adds to cost of shipping one ring. We are not making any money in the shipping. It is simply quite expensive to ship these 20'' x 24'' peony rings. 

Shipping for 2 rings costs the same as shipping for one, and since we are able to fit two rings in one box, there is also a $10 savings when you buy two.

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