Cricket Hill Garden

Metasequoia glyptostroboides, 'Schirrmann's Nordlicht' Variegated Dawn Redwood

$ 42

Variety description: This dwarf selection of dawn redwood adds a subtle and sophisticated variegation to the garden. The variegation on the soft, lush deciduous foliage depends on sun exposure. In full sun, yellow hues will dominate, while is a shadier area, the variegation will be creamier. In fall, the foliage turns a rich chestnut brown before being shed.

Winfried Schirrmann of Schacht-Audorf, Germany is credited with the origin and introduction of this cultivar. The name translates to ‘Northern Lights’

Height and Spread at Maturity: 6’ tall and 5’ wide after ten years.

Site requirements: Full sun or part shade location. Prefers moist soils high in organic content, but will grow well in many soil types. 

Hardiness: USDA zones 5-9.

Plant size: Grafted tree, 18-24" with strong central leader. Grown in a 4" x 10" tree tube.

When we ship:  SPRING 2024

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