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Cornus, 'Redstone' cornelian cherry

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Cornus mas 'Redstone'

This variety was bred by the USDA for yields and cold hardiness. Often sold as seedlings, we acquired our original tree from the now defunct Lawyer Nursery over a decade ago. This tree has proved the be the latest blooming and earliest ripening of the dozen cultivars of C. mas we grow. The fruit is average size and tastes like a typical cornelian cherry, with a good balance of sweet and tart. This tree also seems to be a bit of a dwarf, with growth seeming to top out at about 7' tall and 5' wide. 

Site Selection: Ideally full-sun location, but will also grow and fruit in dappled sun locations. Adaptable to a range or soil types provided the planting location is well drained. Prefers a pH of around 6.5.

Cultivation: Trees require little attention once established. Cornus mas can be trained as a small standard tree or as a multi-stemmed shrub. For a mature tree it is only necessary to prune out dead, broken or crossed branches.

Somewhat self-pollinating, yields are much increased with two of more different cultivars or seedlings in relatively close proximity to one another. 

Zone hardiness, Pests, & Diseases: Hardy to USDA zone 5-7. Pest and disease free. Birds and critters will compete with humans for the harvest.

Plant size: Grafted tree 1-2' tall, grown in 4" x 9" tree pot.

When we ship:
 Available for FALL 2023 / SPRING 2024 shipping. 

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