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Mulberry, 'Illinois Everbearing'

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Morus ssp. 'Illinois Everbearing'

Variety description: Large fruit are consistently ranked as having an excellent flavor. Nearly seedless fruit, mature over a long season; early July through August. Extremely hardy and productive. Thought to be a hybrid between Morus rubra and Morus alba.

Chance seedling discovered by Peter Glaser in White County, Illinois, on the bottom-lands of the Wabash River in 1947. Introduced in 1958 by the Burgess Seed and Plant Co., Galesburg, Michigan. 

Site requirements: Full sun location. Like other fruit trees, mulberries will do well in fertile, well drained soil. Soil pH of 6.5 is ideal.

Hardiness: USDA zones 5-9.

Size at maturity: With training when young and semi-annual pruning, mulberries can be maintained at 15-20'.

Plant size: Grafted tree, 3' tall with strong central leader.

When we ship: Available for EARLY FALL 2020. Order and reserve early! These sell out.

Shipping restrictions: None.

Organically grown by Cricket Hill Garden, in compliance with CT NOFA Farmer's Pledge.

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