Cricket Hill Garden

Ficus, Cut Leaf Fig from Beirut

$ 35

Ficus carica

This fig comes to us from the teaming streets of south Beirut. Our plant is only a few years old and has yet to fruit for us, so color, flavor and size of fruit are unknown. This tree is distinguished by its highly dissected foliage. It's quite ornamental. Growth is also vigorous. 

Size at maturity: Varies according to training technique, pruning and winter die-back.

Cultivation: Plant in rich, well-drained soil in an area that receives six hours of sun.

Zone hardiness: 7-10. In zones 6 and below winter protection is necessary.

Shipping Restrictions: Shipment prohibited to CA.

Plant size: Trees are about 18-24" with a dense root system, shipped in a 4"x9" tree pot. This size tree will likely fruit in 1-2 years if given proper care.

Shipping time: SPRING 2024

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