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Cornus mas, aurea strain seedling

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Cornus mas 

These seed grown cornelian cherries are open pollinated seedlings of the ornamental golden foliage cultivar 'Aurea.' The leaves are bright yellow in early to mid-spring when they emerge gradually turning a bright, light green in summer. We have found that the fruit on 'Aurea' is of excellent quality, with large, tasty berries.


Size at maturity: 10-20' tall and and 7-8' wide.

Site Selection: Ideally full-sun location, but will also grow and fruit in dappled sun locations. For best gold color, plant in full sun. Adaptable to a range or soil types provided the planting location is well drained. Prefers a pH of around 6.5.

Cultivation: For good fruit set, plant two different cultivars or seedlings. Cornus mas can be trained as a small standard tree or as a multi-stemmed shrub. For a mature tree it is only necessary to prune out dead, broken or crossed branches.

Zone hardiness, Pests, & Diseases: Hardy to USDA zone 5-7. Pest and disease free. Birds and critters will compete with humans for the harvest.

Plant size: 1-2' tall, 2 yr. old seedling. Grown in a 3'' x 9" tree tube.

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Available for FALL 2024

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