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Neptune Harvest Fertilizer, Rose & Flowering Formula (2-6-4)

$ 57.95

Available in 3 sizes, 128 oz., 36 oz., 18 oz.

Like the original Neptune's Harvest product, this fertilizer supplies trace minerals that build soil health and produce more blooms on all flowering plants. This organic formula was created to add more phosphorus for bud formation.

We think it is excellent to use on slow growing tree peonies to get them to bloom with more flowers. Remember that all peonies produce their buds for next spring in the summer and early fall growing season. So what you do in this current growing season will affect the potential flowering next spring. That is why we remind you to feed your plants after they bloom, so they can build up more buds for the following spring.

Rose & Flowering Formula, Neptune’s Harvest fertilizer (2-6-4)

The N-P-K in the formulation is expressed in numbers. The first number, 2 is "N" for Nitrogen, used by plants for leaf growth and good green color. 

The second number 6, is "P" for Phosphorous used by plants to help form roots, buds, flowers, seed and fruit. It's also used by plants to help fight disease. 

The third number, 4 is "K" for Potassium, and this helps plants make strong stems and keep growing fast. 

When watering in the peonies, we like to use Neptune's Harvest fish/seaweed liquid plant food. It is processed to retain the vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and growth hormones all plants need. It also contains micro and macro nutrients naturally found in fish and sea plants. The liquid concentrate is mixed with water (1oz. to a gal.) for fertilizing during the growing season every 2-3 weeks, April-September.

We have found Neptune's Harvest Rose and Flowering fertilizer superior to chemical fertilizers and it adds considerably to bud development. Great results for all ornamentals, fruit and vegetable crops. The 36 oz. liquid concentrate mixes to make 36 gallons. The 128 oz. size will make up to 128 gallons of mixed fertilizer. 
The concentrate has a long shelf life if kept cool. The mixed fertilizer should be used in a day or two.

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