Peony Bloom Sequence

Below is a rough breakdown of the bloom times of the various types of peonies. During very warm springs this period is very compressed. We have listed here a few cultivars for each bloom period. In the cultivar descriptions for our tree, herbaceous and intersectional peonies on our website we list the bloom period. (Dates given in parentheses are when a given group of peonies will bloom in our USDA zone 6a garden in Connecticut)

Very Early (late April to early May in northwest CT)

Species herbaceous peonies:

  • P. japonica
  • P. emodi

Early (Second week of May in northwest CT)

Hybrid herbaceous peonies:

Early Chinese tree peonies:

Mid-Peak Bloom (Third week of May to early June in northwest CT)

Mid-Peak Chinese tree peonies:

Rockii Chinese tree peonies:

Japanese tree peonies:

Lutea hybrid tree peonies:

Late (Memorial Day to second/third week of June in northwest CT)

P. lactiflora herbaceous peonies:

Intersectional or Itoh hybrid peonies:


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