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Early August 2017 Garden and Nursery Update

Its been a while since we've posted. Never fear, all is well here at Cricket Hill Garden. Some people assume that our work ends when the peonies fade in mid-June. This could not be farther from the case, our summers are spent in preparing for our busiest season, fall. Here is a look at what we've been up to over the last little while. Preparing new beds for peony planting this fall. Obligatory picture of just some of the Connecticut potatoes that came out of the area shown above.  Freshly harvested 2 yr. old herbaceous peony seedlings. These are the rootstock onto which we will graft tree peonies next week. Asian pears growing well in the fruit tree nursery. Hard to...

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Early June Garden Update II

After several days of cool, rainy weather the sun has reemerged in time for the peak of the intersectional and lactiflora type herbaceous peony bloom. Here is a look at what's currently blooming in the garden: 'Alice Harding' is one of the first yellow tree peonies to have been introduced, nearly a century ago. The massive flowers hang down. This disadvantage is overcome in the landscape by planting it in a raised area. 'Alice Harding' also makes a wonderful cut flower. It has a sweet, citrusy scent. 'Leda' still has some massive blooms on display. 'Vesuvian' is another long blooming hybrid tree peony. 'High Noon' has is one of the largest blossomed of the yellow hybrid tree peonies. 'Festiva Maxima'...

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Early June 2017 Garden Update

The foul weather has finally cleared and with the sun the late season tree peonies really shined today. The early blooming intersectional 'Itoh' hybrids and Chinese lactiflora herbaceous peonies are also poised to pop.  Here's whats been happening at the nursery the last few days: 'Marchioness' backlit by the western sun. 'Renown' 'Ann Marie' 'Kronos' 'Spring Carnival' 'Savage Splendor' 'Happy Days' 'Pastel Splendor' itoh peony 'Hillary' itoh peony 'Fragrant Purple Ball' Chinese herbaceous peony. Quince fruitlets looking good! Lots of aronia berries! Look like we had good pollination on some of our pawpaw trees this year. Need to thin our 'Red Haven' peach. Leaving all of the fruit increases the risk of disease, not to mention broken limbs!   Tree...

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Peak Tree Peony Bloom 2017

The last several days have been glorious for the peak of the tree peonies here at Cricket Hill Garden. After three sweltering days last week, the weather cooled to a much more seasonable (and peony blossom friendly) range of 60-75° F. Though the Chinese and Japanese tree peonies are beginning to shed their petals, the season for hybrid tree peonies (yellows, dark red-blacks and silvery apricots) are just beginning as are the herbaceous peonies. Here's a look at some garden highlights from the last week: 'White Swallow Tail Flecked with Gold' Chinese rockii tree peony 'The Crane' 'Silver Waves on a Blue Ocean' Chinese rockii tree peony. This is a new one for us. 'Red Fairy' Our mature shrub of...

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Early and Mid Season Peony Blooms 2017

With the last few days of warm weather, many of the early and mid-season tree peonies have popped open here at Cricket Hill Garden, along with some of the early blooming herbaceous peonies. The flowers are a bit smaller and less vibrant this year than we typically see. We attribute this to stress induced by last year's drought as well as the uneven temperatures (alternate periods of warm and cold) this winter. Despite all of this, these plants are still putting on quite a show, filling the garden with their sweet perfume. 'Apple Gorgeous' 'Purple Tower Inlayed with Gold' 'Luoyang Red' 'Ling Flower Wet with Dew' 'Murad of Hershey Bar' 'Multi-Colored Butterfly' A self-sown seedling 'Peony Heaven Blue Lotus'  ...

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