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Sorbus aucuparia, 'Moravskaya' European Mountain Ash

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Sorbus aucuparia 'Moravskaya'

Variety description: This selection of European mountain ash comes to us from the incredible USDA living plant library at Corvallis, OR. This tree is thought to be a cultivar developed at the I.V. Michurin Central Laboratory of Genetics in Michurinsk, Russia.

The fruit is globose, red, sourish, not bitter. Ripe in August. 

Site requirements: Full sun location. Like other fruit trees in the rose family, it will due well in fertile, well drained soil. Soil pH of 6.5 is ideal. Will reach 15' tall at maturity. 

Hardiness: USDA zones 4-9.

Plant size: Grafted tree, 2' tall, with strong central leader.

When we ship:
 FALL 2021

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