Cricket Hill Garden

Smart Pots, Root Control Bags

$ 9.50

These soft-sided pots are self-standing when filled with soil and are made of a non-woven plastic fabric that is fast draining and very durable. The fabric looks like a heavy black felt. They do not tear or break down easily, lasting 5-8 years in our experience.

Our size is custom made for tree peonies, 12 in. wide, 16 in. deep. This is equivalent to about a 6 gallon size. We can fold down the rim to make a shorter height if need be, rolling it down a couple of inches to fit the plant we are potting. Tree peonies or herbaceous peonies can be grown in this size for a few years without the need for transplanting or root pruning.

A peony in this smart pot may be placed into the ground and grown out this way. It is easy to remove if you must move your garden in a year or two. Root hairs that grow through the fabric can be trimmed off; the main roots stay inside within a comfortable growing space.

Or place potted plant inside a decorative wooden or ceramic container for terrace gardening. If the ground freezes where you live, plants in bags must be insulated or stored at a temperature of 35-40 F, such as a garage. Complete growing directions for tree peonies in containers are available. See the "LEARN" section of our website for container growing information.

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