Peony Care Essentials Pack

Peony Care Essentials Pack

$ 44.95

Our essential pack for peony care. Contains a 4 lb. bag of Azomite, 4 lbs. of Calcitic Limestone and 36 oz. of Neptune's Harvest fish-seaweed fertilizer.

Supplies trace minerals that build soil health and produce more blooms on all flowering plants.When watering in the peonies, we like to use Neptune's Harvest fish/seaweed liquid plant food. It is processed to retain the vitamins, amino acids, enzymes and growth hormones all plants need. Mix 1 oz. to a gallon of water, makes 36 gallons of fertilizer.

Use Azomite to provide trace minerals often missing in soil. We use about 1/2 c. per plant to encourage growth and blooms.

Calcitic limestone is used in soils that are too acidic. Peonies prefer a more neutral soil, with a pH of 6.5 to 7.0. Limestone will slowly raise the soil pH.

In our Connecticut soils, we have found this trio a great combination to providing sustained health and vitality for our peonies.


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