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Mulberry 'Italian'

$ 38

Morus alba 'Italian'

Variety description: Delicious, large black fruit are borne in abundance on this variety of mulberry. One of the first fruits to ripen, usually beginning in mid-June and continuing into July.

Site requirements: Full sun location. Like other fruit trees, mulberries will do well in fertile, well drained soil. Soil pH of 6.5 is ideal.

Hardiness: USDA zones 6-9.

Size at maturity: With training when young and semi-annual pruning, mulberries can be maintained at 15-20'.

Plant size: Grafted tree. 1 gallon size is about 2' tall. 3 gallon size will be topped to fit in a 4' box. 

When we ship: FALL 2022. Ordering for this tree will open in late spring 2022. If you would like an email notification for when this tree is back in stock, please sign up with the button below.

Shipping restrictions: None.

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