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Ficus, Brown Turkey type fig from Greenpoint

$ 40

Ficus carica

This early ripening fig has preformed well for us over the years. The somewhat small fruit (about 2.5-3" long) have a pronounced pear-like form and ripen in late July and early August. These figs are sweet with notes of strawberry. 

This fig was collected as a cutting over a decade ago from a very large, old and neglected tree planted near McGoldrick park in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

Size at maturity: Varies according to training technique, pruning and winter die-back.

Cultivation: Plant in rich, well-drained soil in an area that receives a minimum six hours of sun. See complete guide to growing figs in cooler climates here.

Zone hardiness: 7-10. In zones 6 and below winter protection is necessary.

Shipping Restrictions: Shipment prohibited to CA.

Plant size: Trees are about 18-24" with a dense root system, shipped in a 4" x 9"  tree pot. This size tree will likely fruit in 1-2 years if given proper care.

Shipping TimeWinter/Spring 2023

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