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Ginkgo biloba, 'Beijing Gold' variegated Ginkgo

$ 48

Variety description: This semi-dwarf ginkgo sports early spring foliage of an exquisite soft butter-yellow. As the season progresses the leaves gradually darken with an irregular variegation of green brushed with white. This effect is best achieved when planted in an area with dappled sunlight. In a full sun location, the variegation on the summer foliage is much less distinct. In autumn the leaves turn a vibrant golden-yellow.

Height and Spread at Maturity: 15' tall and 6' spread. 

Site requirements: Part shade location. Prefers moist soils high in organic content, but will grow well in many soil types. 

Hardiness: USDA zones 4-9.

Plant size: Grafted tree, 8-12" with strong central leader. Grown in a 4" x 10" tree tube.

When we ship:  SPRING 2023. 

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