Cricket Hill Garden

Garden Umbrella

$ 45

Enjoy your flowers longer by covering them from sun and rain. Functional and beautiful, crafted of bamboo and nylon, we have found these to be durable.  Umbrellas add a touch of whimsy and color to the garden, while also being very useful.

Here at Cricket Hill, we use the umbrellas for 5-6 weeks at peony time, and then clean and store them for later use.

We have also used them to protect new transplants from wilting or burning in the sun. Umbrellas offer a translucent shade with a highly decorative effect. Make a pilot hole in hard soil so the bamboo pole can go into the ground 4-6 inches. You don't want them to blow away. Wind can be damaging.

The colors are translucent in the sunlight, so they look much different in the box then in the garden. We have tried to show them in use so you can see the color effects.

The umbrella has a natural bamboo pole with an overall height of 5 feet 3 inches tall. This pole is designed as one piece, unlike our previous design which was in two pieces. We think this will prove to be a better and stronger design. The umbrella diameter is 33 inches.

They make a great gift item for yourself or a gardening friend.

The umbrellas are sold individually, as a pair, a trio.

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