Cricket Hill Garden

Fruit Tree (6-2-4) Organic Fertilizer, 5 lbs.

$ 22

Specially formulated to encourage productive home orchards full of the delicious and nutritious tree fruits now popular in many backyard gardens. Fruit Tree fertilizer provides primary nutrients for plant growth plus added calcium for proper fruit development. For use on all fruiting canes, shrubs and trees. OMRI listed. 

Ingredients: Fish Bone Meal, Blood Meal, Langbeinite, Alfalfa Meal, Seabird Guano, Rock Phosphate, Humates and Kelp Meal

The N-P-K in the formulation is expressed in numbers. The first number, "N" for Nitrogen, used by plants for leaf growth and good green color. 

The second number is "P" for Phosphorous used by plants to help form roots, buds, flowers, seed and fruit. It's also used by plants to help fight disease. 

The third number is "K" for Potassium, and this helps plants make strong stems and keep growing fast. 

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