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Cornus controversa, 'Variegata' Variegated Giant Dogwood

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Cornus controversa, 'Variegata' 

This spectacular specimen tree was first introduced into the horticultural trade in 1896, and has been a garden showstopper from the beginning. Dark green leaves are gorgeous with wide, irregular white-edged variegation. In mid-autumn the white margins take on an alluring cast of creamy pink. The canopy of layered, horizontal branches is spectacular. Fast growing tree once established. 

Size at maturity: 35' tall and and 30' wide.

Site Selection: Ideally full-sun or light shade. Adaptable to a range or soil types provided the planting location is well drained. Prefers a pH of around 6.5

Zone hardiness, Pests, & Diseases: Hardy to USDA zone 5-8. Pest and disease free.  

Plant size: About 30'' tall with side branching, grown in a 3 gallon pot. 

When we ship:
 FALL 2024. 

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