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Pyrus ussuriensis, 'Tse Li' asian pear scion

$ 6

'Tse Li' Asian pear
Pyrus ussuriensis

Variety description: 'Tse Li' or Chi Li  茌梨 is an ancient cultivar of pear from China which originates from Shandong province. Large fruit measures about 3" x 3.5". Green skin with prominent lenticels (pores) yellows as the pears ripens. Crisp flesh, juicy and sweet with trace of tartness and distinct aroma. Ripens early October in Connecticut. Fruit stores well. Early blooming, very showy. Partially self-fertile, we get a good fruit set every year without cross-pollination from another variety. Yields are increased with cross pollination from another early blooming Asian pear.

This is a 6-8'' scion, or twig for grafting, not a plant. Ships early spring.

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