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Paeonia, 'Manchurian Promise' hybrid tree peony

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Notable characteristics: For a description of this hybrid peony we quote that written by Nate Bremer of Solaris Farms, the hybridizer of this spectacular tree peony: “Seedling number NB2. Parentage: ‘Sedona’ x ‘Rosalind Elsie Franklin’, thus an advanced generation Lutea hybrid. Large semi-double coral-salmon-peach blend with dark maroon flares. Petals are highly ruffled, notched, crimped and those at the center face up. Color is reminiscent of originator’s Manchurian apricot tree in bloom. Intensity of color can be variable from year to year, presumably due to temperature, but always attractive. Sheath is light pink, as are the stigmas. No pollen, but produces seeds, though sparsely, with application of suitable pollen. Flower carriage is outward, substance quite heavy, but well supported by sturdy stems. Foliage is large and tinted in red during the early part of the growing season.”

Our own observations have been that this plant has an exceptionally long bloom period with both a staggered opening of the flowers as well as being of good substance. In 2021 we observed this plant in bloom for nearly two weeks. 

Cultivar group, hybridizer and year introduced:  Advanced generation P. lutea hybrid, Bremer, 2016

Growth habit and size at maturity (10 years old): Upright and spreading to 4' tall and 5' wide.

Flower form and size: Semi-double, 8-10". Flowers are well displayed on top of foliage. 

Flower fragrance: Slightly sweet.

Bloom time: Late-season hybrid tree peony, blooms in our USDA zone 6a garden in the first week of June.

Zone hardiness: Proven in USDA zones 4-9.

Plant size: 1 year old tree grafted peonies have 1 woody stem, with side buds, and a well developed root system. 

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