Cricket Hill Garden

Paeonia, Herbaceous Peony Cutting Collection

$ 24

Admired by our visitors but too few to sell as named varieties, we offer three herbaceous peonies group priced at substantial savings. We will give you a variety of colors and shapes- our choice- all are beautiful! A great way to start a collection.

Many of us have devoted a section of our garden to plants that supply flowers for cutting. Herbaceous peonies make an ideal flower for such a garden. They have numerous, fragrant flowers, in shapes varying from single to full doubles, and colors from dark magenta to the palest of pink and white.They require quality soil with good drainage, ideally full sun or 6 hours to grow well. As a general rule, herbaceous peonies bloom well in USDA zones 3-8. In zone 9, we do know of people who have success in areas of California and northern Florida by planting "eyes" just below the soil. This allows plants to have more exposure to cold temperatures in winter, promoting bloom

When we ship: Orders for USDA zones 4-9 will ship for earl spring planting.


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