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Cydonia oblonga, 'Tekkes' Turkish Quince

$ 38

Cydonia oblonga

Variety description: The USDA describes this variety as "an attractive non-astringent Turkish cultivar with skin that is hairy like a camel." A large, attractive fruit with bright yellow skin. Flesh crisp, juicy, sweet, non-astringent; matures late September and can be stored for two months. The tree is moderately vigorous and productive.

Site requirements: Full sun location. Quince will grow in a range of soil types provided the planting location is well drained. Soil pH of 6.5 is ideal. Will grow to 12-15'.

Hardiness: USDA zones 4-9.

Plant size: Grafted tree, 2-3' with strong central leader.

Nursery availability:  FALL 2022. Ordering for this tree will open in late spring 2022. If you would like an email notification for when this tree is back in stock, please sign up with the button below.

Shipping restrictions: Cannot ship to Canada.

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