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Diospyros, 'Mikkusu' hybrid persimmon

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Diospyros virginiana x kaki hybrid 'Mikkusu' aka JT-02

Variety description: This is the most cold hardy hybrid persimmon we have grown. It has survived and thrived without any winter die back for several growing seasons in our cold zone 6a garden. 2.25" fruit fully ripens even in cold zone 6 Connecticut. Fruit is round and flattish, similar in shape to a Fuyu persimmon. Flavor of fully ripe fruit is sweet like an Asian persimmon with a hint of rich butterscotch. This the fruit is astringent until ripe.

In the absence of a male pollinator, this tree will bear seedless fruit. 

The tree resembles a kaki persimmon with broad, glossy foliage. 

This hybrid originated in Japan in and was imported into the United States in the early 2000s by the late great persimmon enthusiast and breeder Jerry Lehman of Terre Haute Indiana. We received our original tree from persimmon guru Cliff England. 

Site requirements: Persimmons grow best in a full sun location with fertile, well-drained soil. They are quite adaptable and will grow in poor, dry soils, though such sites are far from ideal.

Size at maturity: With pruning, trees can be maintained at 15-20'.

Pests and diseases: None of concern in the Northeast.

Hardiness: Will grow in USDA zones 5-9.

Plant size: Grafted tree, about 1' tall with a well developed root system. Will likely produce fruit in 2-4 years if given good care. Grown in a 4" x 9" tree pot.

When we ship:   FALL 2023 / SPRING 2024. 

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