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Early Windflower, hybrid herbaceous peony

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Notable characteristics: This very rare hybrid peony was an early product of the A.P. Saunders breeding program. We borrow the following description of this enchanting peony from the great Saunders: "The white flowers, like autumn anemones, nod gracefully above the fern-like foliage. We cannot recommend too highly these lovely garden plants. Vigorous growers, these alas set no seed." 

We love this cultivar's wild look, evocative of its species parentage. It is always one of the first peonies of any type to bloom in our garden, in either late April to early May.

Cultivar group, hybridizer and year introduced: Hybrid (P. Veitchi x P. Emodi), Saunders, 1939.

Growth habit and size at maturity : Grows to 2.5' tall and 3.5' wide.

Flower form and size: Single, 4".

Flower fragrance: Light, green.

Bloom time: Very early-season blooming herbaceous peony, blooms in our USDA zone 6a garden in late April to early May.  The first peony of any type to bloom in the garden, even before the woodland peonies.

Zone hardiness: Proven in USDA zones 4-9.

Plant size: 4-5 'eyes' or buds with proportional roots. This size plant will most likely flower its first or second season.

When we ship: FALL 2021 to USDA zone 4-9.

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