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About Cricket Hill

Cricket Hill Garden is a specialty plant nursery devoted to bringing the best quality peonies to American gardeners. Back in the late 1980's, we chose to specialize in Chinese peonies. China is the motherland of almost all of the garden peonies varieties grown in the U.S. The hybrids grown today originally came from stock plants brought from China in the 18th century to Europe, and then later to America.

We are passionate about our peonies, and will only offer for sale only those we test as the best. What does this mean? We look for peony varieties that are reliably growing, fast blooming and outstanding in their color family.

Why buy from us, when you can get peonies for less at other web sites, "box" stores, or green markets? We select the best specimens to sell, not the lowest-priced. Age and size makes the difference in peonies.We sell only well rooted stock which sucessfully transplants 99 times out of 100. We know what we are selling because we really grow these plants, unlike some merchants who merely import and market.We've seen a lot of tree peonies and we don't want you to waste your time with poor cultivars -those with "shy" flowers that are hidden in the leaves, or sparse blooming types.

We stand behind the plants we sell and guarantee they will grow for you. We expect you to be a careful gardener and follow our directions, but if the plants fail and die in the first year, we will replace them. Our success rate is close to 99%, so we know you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Our tree peonies are all 4 or more years old, which means they have 3 to 5 woody branches and a dense root system. Many of the varieties will bloom at this size, though some need more time to establish. Typically, you will see blooms on the simpler types, like single or lotus form, such as Phoenix White, or Cinnabar Ramparts. Tree peonies that have very complex double forms, with dense petals, will often need to be 5-6 years old before they bloom. This is just the nature of the plants. Tree peonies are not for impatient gardeners.
Herbaceous peony roots are 4 to 5 eyes, larger than industry standard. These will often have a flower the first season after planting, but do become better and established in 2-3 years, with many flowers available for cutting.

We test all peonies in our garden/nursery before we offer them for sale, and are familiar with hundreds of varieties. This means you'll get the best varieties suited for American gardens. Ours is a dedicated nursery, a place where you can come for reliable information about growing peonies. We don't sell iris or hosta or daylilies- just peonies. They are our passion.

Tree peonies have been cultivated in China for more than 1400 years and we freely acknowledge the great horticultural contribution China has made in preserving and developing these historic plants. Our garden was named "Peony Heaven" by Professor Hong Tao, of Beijing Forestry Academy, when he visted us in 1993, and it is a name we treasure.

Peonies from our nursery are now part of many private and public collections all over the U.S. We have shipped plants to all 50 states, Canada and Europe. Our website is designed for e-commerce in the U.S., so contact us by email, fax or mail for other than domestic shipping.

We believe in giving a high level of customer service, whether you are buying one plant or fifty. We are open all year to answer your questions by phone at 1-860-283-1042.


David and Kasha Furman
owners, Cricket Hill Garden
670 Walnut Hill Rd.
Thomaston, Connecticut, 06787 USA
fax: 860-283-5508
tel: 860-283-1042
email : kasha@treepeony.com
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