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White Peonies

White peonies have a range of range of shades that runs between stark white and peachy-cream.
What you will discover when you walk through our gardens in Thomaston is that many of our white peonies have a vibrant center. For instance, the peony named 'Compassionate' has creamy white petals that open up to reveal deep reddish-maroon flares at the petal base. These beautiful peonies grow rather quickly and produce magnificent 8 inch flowers.

A very popular white peony is 'Phoenix White.' This single white tree peony is very fast growing and one we like to recommend for those gardeners who need fast growth. This plant will reliably bloom at 4 years old and has a sweet, fresh fragrance. If fragrance is equally as important to you as visual appeal, then you might want to look into white peonies that go by the name, 'Elegant Fragrance in White.' These gorgeous blooms have a distinctively sweet aroma, which is where this particular tree peony got its name. You must have a little bit of patience if you are planting this particular peony, because it is on the slower side when it comes to blooming. Certainly, many devoted peony gardeners believe it is well worth the wait.

Another popular white peony is the 'Blue Sapphire,' which has gorgeous seven to eight inch flowers that open up to reveal a deep magenta flare. The white petals have an ultra soft purple tinge to them, which is highlighted by the vibrant magenta center. This incredible peony also has a delicate fragrance and magnificent flowers that can be similar to that of a rose or have full and luscious double blooms. White peonies add aesthetic appeal to any garden, and their diverse shades and sensual fragrances are a feast for the senses.

White Peonies for Your Own Backyard Paradise
At Cricket Hill Garden, we like to welcome our visitors to sit and stay for a while, which is why you will find benches scattered throughout the garden. It is a relaxing treat to sit down and rest while taking in the sights, sounds, and aromas of a fragrant garden, brimming with color and natural sound. When creating your own garden with pink and white peonies, you might also want to put a bench or a hammock nearby, as there is no sweeter way to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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