Shiitake Mushroom Log
Shiitake Mushroom Log

Shiitake Mushroom Log

$ 25.00

Logs were Inoculated April 2015, and are ready to grow fresh Shiitake mushrooms. Will yield 3-4 flushes (fruiting) of mushrooms per season and will continue to produce at this rate for 3-4 years. Logs are guaranteed to fruit if you follow our care instructions.

Premium size log is 22-26" long, 4-6" diameter. Full care instructions included.

The maple and oak logs are harvested from our woods as we expand our nursery growing area and practice Timber Stand Improvement to sustainably manage our forested areas.

The hardwood log is inoculated with the 'WR46' strain of shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes). This strain is popular with both commercial and home growers alike, it colonizes the log quickly and yields heavy flushes of mushrooms. A great strain for first time growers and the best choice for high altitudes.

Each flush will yield 1/4-1/2 pound of 2-4" shiitake mushrooms per flush. One log will produce 1-2 pounds of fresh mushrooms per year.

Growing requirements: Keep logs outside, in a shaded location, never in direct sunlight. During the fruiting season (May to September) the log should receive about 1/2" of rain per week. If there is no rain, logs should be watered deeply once every two weeks. The log will either fruit naturally when conditions are right, or can be 'shocked' into fruiting on a schedule.

Why grow your own shiitakes? Considered one of the best tasting mushrooms, shiitakes make delicious additions to stir-fry, soups and many other dishes. Mushrooms are an excellent source of vegetarian protein.

Log-grown shiitake mushrooms are far superior in flavor to the indoor sawdust-grown mushrooms which are found in grocery stores. You will be able to taste the difference.

In addition to being delicious, shiitakes are a healthy addition to any diet. They have been used in traditional medicine in China and Japan for millennia. Ongoing medical studies seek to quantify the health benefits of shiitakes in reducing cholesterol, boosting the immune system and fighting cancer cells. Mushrooms are also one of the best sources of vitamin D in the human diet.

When we ship: Ready to ship now to all USDA zones 3-9. UPS ground shipping to the 48 states. Sorry, no shipping to Alaska or Hawaii or out of the country.

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