Sequential Bloomer tree peony collection

Sequential Bloomer tree peony collection

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One of the few laments ever uttered about peonies is that their season is so short. Indeed, an ever- blooming peony would be a million dollar plant. While this may be the dream of some breeders, a more grounded solution is to plant a range of different peony cultivars which bloom over the course of the season. We selected the varieties in this collection with this goal in mind. The combined bloom time of these three tree peonies will stretch for over a month, from mid-May to early June.

These three peonies are also representative of some of the different types of tree peonies. 'Black Dragon' is an early blooming Chinese variety, 'Emperor's Bright Treasure' a mid-season Japanese cultivar and 'High Noon' a late season American hybrid. A great collection to see the variance in growth, flower form and foliage of tree peonies. Save $30 on this collection!

Bloom time: These showy peonies bloom in our USDA zone 6a garden from mid-May to early June.

Zone hardiness: Proven in USDA zones 4-9.

Plant sizes: These 2 yr. tree peonies have 2 woody stems and a well developed root system. Plants this size will likely bloom in their first or second spring in the ground. 

When we ship: Orders for USDA zones 5-9 will be sent for Fall 2016 transplanting.These plants can begin shipping in early October. Order early to reserve your plants.