$ 7.50

Rheum rhabarbarum

Variety description: This long lived perennial is a favorite addition to desserts and jams. The tart flavor of the stalks heralds the arrival of spring to the kitchen garden. Only the stalks are edible, DO NOT eat the leaves.

Site requirements and cultivation: Plant in rich, well drained soil. Full sun to partial shade. After several seasons crown can be divided.

Pests and diseases: Almost none. Susceptible to crown rot in poorly drained soils.

Hardiness: USDA zones 4-8.

Plant size: 2 year old tuber with well developed root system.

When we ship: 
Available for SPRING or FALL 2017 shipping. Potted plants also available at the nursery this spring.

Shipping restrictions: None.

Organically grown by Cricket Hill Garden, in compliance with CT NOFA Farmer's Pledge.

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