Pink Pleasure, herbaceous peony

Pink Pleasure, herbaceous peony

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Notable characteristics: Mid-pink blossoms have darker outer petals. Heavy ruffled semi-double flowers resemble those of a tree peony. This lower growing cultivar will typically produce 2-3 buds per stem, the secondary and tertiary flowers will extend the bloom period. These side buds can also be pinched off while still forming. In this case the plant will redirect energy to the primary blossom, making an enormous flower.

'Pink Pleasure' is a variety which Roy Klehm selected from the collection of the prolific hybridizer William Kreckler of Sommerville, Ohio. Beginning in the 1940s, Kreckler collected what he judged to be the "800 best peonies varieties one [could] obtain." The diverse genetics of this collection provided a fertile basis for the 380 new cultivars which Kreckler registered with the American Peony Society over his lifetime. This is one of the specially selected peony cultivars.

Cultivar group, hybridizer and year introduced: P. lactiflora, Krekler-Klehm, 2002.

Growth habit and size at maturity : 2.5' tall and 3' wide.

Flower form and size: Semi-double, 8".

Flower fragrance: Sweet scent.

Bloom time: Mid-season herbaceous peony, blooms in our USDA zone 6a garden in the second week of June.

Zone hardiness: Proven in USDA zones 4-9.

Plant size: 4-5 'eye' field grown peony with proportional roots. This size plant will most likely flower its second spring in the ground.

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