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Persimmon, 'Tam Kam' AVAILABLE FOR SUMMER/FALL 2021

$ 38

This tree will be available for summer/fall 2021 shipping, ordering will be open in early spring 2021.

Diospyros kaki 'Tam Kam'

Variety description:
This non-astringent Asian persimmon is reputedly one of the most cold hardy, with growers in USDA zone 6a reporting good success. This cultivar is from Korea and the name translates to "Very Sweet."

Flat, lobed fruit is bright orange when ripe and weights about 6 oz. 

Site requirements: Persimmons grow best in a full sun location with fertile, well-drained soil. They are quite adaptable and will grow in poor, dry soils, though such conditions are far from ideal.

For growers in colder climates, Asian persimmons grow very well in hoophouses or in large containers which are protected for the winter. 

Size at maturity: 10-12' tall and 6-8' wide. 

Pests and diseases: None of concern.

Hardiness: Will grow in warmer areas of USDA zone 6 with winter protection for the first few years. No protection needed in USDA zones 7-9.

Plant size: Grafted tree, 1-2' tall with a well developed root system. 

When we ship: Available for summer/ early fall 2021 shipping. 

Shipping restrictions: Cannot ship to California.

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