Cricket Hill Garden

Mature Black fig tree

$ 75

**This mature fig tree is for pick up only in Thomaston, CT. Shipping is not available for this plant**

Ficus carica

This variety was sold to us as a Black Ischia fig, but research has lead us to the conclusion that it is not this sought after cultivar. Whatever its identity, it produces, very large, delicious black figs in late summer.

This plant has been trained as a fan shaped bush. It suffered damage to the trunk several years ago (see image). The tree can stay as it is, or the damaged trunk can be cut down and the tree grown again from newly sprouted shoots. 

Size at maturity: Varies according to training technique, pruning and winter die-back.

Cultivation: Plant in rich, well-drained soil in an area that receives six hours of sun.

Zone hardiness: 7-10. In zones 6 and below winter protection is necessary.

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