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Paeonia lactiflora, 'Lotus Seat' Chinese herbaceous peony

$ 50

Name in Chinese and pin yin: 蓮台 Lian Tai

Notable characteristics: Outer guard petals contrast with the golden petaloids of the center. Compact growing variety makes an excellent addition to perennial borders. Flower color evolves and makes an ever-changing show. 

Species, place of origin: Paeonia lactiflora, Luoyang city, Henan province, China.

Growth habit and size at maturity : Grows to 28" tall and wide.

Flower form and size: 5-6" upright anemone form blossoms borne on strong stems.

Flower fragrance: Strong, sweet scent.

Bloom time: Mid-season herbaceous peony, blooms in our USDA zone 6a garden in the second week of June.

Zone hardiness: Proven in USDA zones 4-8.

Plant size: 4-5 'eyes' or buds with proportional roots.

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