'Kathleen Black' Fig

'Kathleen Black' Fig

$ 40.00

Ficus carica

'Kathleen Black' produces medium to large rounded dark purplish black figs with dark amber, sometimes near strawberry flesh. Fruit have an smooth sweet flavor. The fruit checks when fully ripe and is resistant to spoiling as it has a closed eye. This variety produces a breba crop. An early ripening dark variety, makes this variety an ideal choice for the Northeast.

Size at maturity: Varies according to training technique, pruning and winter die-back.

Cultivation: Plant in rich, well-drained soil in an area that receives six hours of sun.

Zone hardiness: 7-10. In zones 6 and below winter protection is necessary.

Plant size: One year old trees are about 18" with a dense root system. This size tree will likely fruit in 1-2 years if given proper care.

Shipping Restrictions: Shipment prohibited to CA. No summer (potted plant) shipment to: WA, WY, UT, OR, ND, NM, NV, MT, LA, ID, FL, AZ. These states are permitted for fall bare root shipment. Order now for summer or fall 2016 shipping.

Organically grown by Cricket Hill Garden, in compliance with CT NOFA Farmer's Pledge. 

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