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Hamamelis virginiana, Common Witch Hazel

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Variety description:  An excellent native shrub that will thrive in a variety of locations. In the wild it is an understory plant, but it can be planted as a specimen in a more open area. Large multi-stemmed shrub or small tree is notable for its bright yellow foliage in fall as well as its mid-fall fragrant yellow flowers which bloom in October. Flowers often bloom while the foliage is still present on the branches and this is said to detract from landscape value of this plant.

Native Americans used infusions from witchhazel leaves and bark to treat skin irritations. This practice was adopted by early European colonists in Connecticut and the rest of New England. 

The forked branches of this shrub have also been used as divining rods in the search of water or minerals.

Height and Spread at Maturity: 15-20' high and wide. 

Site requirements: Full sun or part shade location. Will prefers moist soil but will also grow well in drier locations. 

Hardiness: USDA zones 3-9.

Plant size: Seed grown, 18-24'', grown in a 4''x10'' tree tube.

When we ship: Available for Spring 2022.

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