Cricket Hill Garden

Mature 'Alma' fig tree

$ 225

**This mature fig tree is for pick up only in Thomaston, CT. Shipping is not available for this plant**

Ficus carica

This fig comes from the breeding program at Texas A&M University. The fruit is a beautiful light yellow-green. White interior flesh has a reddish center. It has a good sugar content and an excellent flavor. A good variety for drying. Small eye, moderately closed with a drop of resin to block the eye from spoiling rain and insects.

This plant has been trained in a bush form. If a tree form is desired, 1-2 of the strongest branches can be selected to form the new leaders.

Size at maturity: Varies according to training technique, pruning and winter die-back.

Cultivation: Plant in rich, well-drained soil in an area that receives six hours of sun.

Zone hardiness: 7-10. In zones 6 and below winter protection is necessary.

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