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Peony Photos


We invite you to browse through our peony pictures that we have located on our site under the link, 'Photos of Our Gardens'. Here, you will get the opportunity to see the most exquisite photos of blooming tree peonies in all their colorful splendor. Many of our customers pay us a visit in person after scrolling through our extensive photo album online. Our gardens are too inviting to pass up if you are in the Thomaston area in mid-May to very early June This is usually the peak time to see tree peonies. If you don't live in Connecticut but find yourself passing through in the future, we would like to welcome you for a relaxing visit through our lovely peony gardens.

If you have never seen peony pictures, you may not be sure exactly what they look like. Well, the peonies come in various colors and sizes, so there is no uniform look to a peony flower. Some blooms reach 12 inches in diameter and are full and luscious, while other blooms are on the smaller side (7 inches) but equally as beautiful. Many peonies have an incredible fragrance that just beckons you to sit down for awhile and enjoy the magnificent aroma. Perhaps nothing compares to relaxing in a peony garden amongst the colors and fragrances found only in nature. Photography really is of limited use in capturing the true colors, and fragrance has to be experienced.

One thing you will notice when looking at the peony pictures on our site is that the flowers come in a multitude of colors, from pure white to the deepest pinks. When you stroll through our peony garden, you will see corals, reds, fuchsias, soft pinks, creams, peachy-pinks, and an array of whites. We like to interplant different flowers among the tree peonies, so you may also see irises, tulips, and daffodils among others.

Peony Pictures: Worth a Thousand Words
At Cricket Hill, our world is peonies. We find these flowers to be the most spectacular in the entire universe, and it shows in our gardens. Nothing would make us happier than to chat with you about caring for your peony plant, or perhaps helping you choose a certain variety for your own garden at home. We love sharing our experience in growing peonies and can advise you on planting. Peonies from our nursery are now growing in every state in the United States, including Alaska. We have made many friends and enjoy hearing from people with their own peony experiences.

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