Selecting the Right Peony
    Peony sizes: what to expect 
    Peony growth habits
    Peony flower forms
    Growing peonies in USDA zones 8 and 9
    Using peonies in the landscape
    Peony bloom sequence
Peony Planting
    Site selection and preparation
    How to plant a tree peony
    How to plant a herbaceous or intersectional peony
Peony Care
    Fertilizing peonies
    Water requirements of peonies
    Pruning a mature tree peony
    Transplanting mature peonies
    Yearly growth cycle of peonies
    Herbaceous understock suckering on grafted tree peonies
    Distinguishing new tree peony growth vs. herbaceous understock suckering
    Rodent damage on tree peonies
Peony Propagation
    Grafting peonies
    Dividing a herbaceous or intersectional peony
    Dividing a tree peony
    Growing peonies from seed
Peony History
    Wild species peonies
    Peony cultivar groups
    Etymology of the word 'peony'
    Peonies in China
    Peonies in Japan
    Peonies in Europe and North America
    Peonies as medicinal plants in Europe and China
Peony Art
    Peony Poems
        Chinese peony poems
        Japanese peony poems
        English language peony poems
    Peonies in Chinese art
    Peonies in Japanese art

Flower arranging with peonies
Selecting the right fruit tree or berry bush
Plant sizes: what to expect
Size at maturity
Fruit & Berry Planting 
    Site selection and preparation
    Planting a fruit tree
    Planting a berry bush
Fruit & Berry Care
    Training young fruit trees
    Fertilizing fruit and berry plantings
    Tree fruit (pears, pawpaws, etc)
    Bush fruit (elderberries, currants, etc)
    Cain fruit (raspberries and blackberries)
    Grafting fruit trees
    Growing fruits and berries from cuttings
    Growing fruits and berries from seed
Fruit & Berry History 
    Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis and S. nigra)
    Pryrus ssp. (Pears, Asian and European)
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