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Open-Pollinated Tree Peony Seedlings

$ 50

Notable characteristics: Group of five seedlings grown from open pollinated seeds collected from various cultivars of tree peonies growing in our display garden. We plant dozens of these seedlings every year, but find ourselves with too many seedlings and too few nursery beds.

We have been collecting and sowing seed from these tree peonies for about fifteen years. About 60% of the seedlings are single form flowers in either white, pink or purple. All are vigorous and many display the distinctive dark maroon rockii flares at the base of the petals. The other 40% are anemone or double form. Many of these tend to be multicolored and are quite spectacular. Our tree peony collection consists of over 350 distinct cultivars of Chinese, Japanese and American tree peonies, so our seeds are drawn from quite a diverse gene pool, thanks to our promiscuous pollinators. 

These plants are seed grown and will now measure about 4-6 inches from stem to root. With proper attention to fertilization, watering, and weeding these plants should bloom in another 2-4 years. When they do, you will have your own new cultivars of tree peonies. Ideal for the patient and careful gardener. These small seedlings will come with their own care sheet.

Zone hardiness: Proven in USDA zones 4-9.

Plant size: 1 year old tree peonies seedling, not a grafted plant. These will measure about 4-6'' from bud to root. Collection of 5 plants.

When we ship: FALL 2024

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