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Fresh, Viable Chinese Tree Peony Seeds (25)

$ 15

Stock is limited, order early and reserve your seeds. For tips on starting tree peony seeds see our blog post
We collect the rare seeds of of the classical Central Plains cultivar group of Chinese tree peonies. Seed parent cultivars include 'Luoyang Red, 'Green Dragon in a Pink Pool,' 'Blue Sapphire,' 'Champion Black Jade,' 'Fragrant Jade' and 'Big Deep Purple.' Tree peonies of the Central Plains cultivar group bloom in a variety of shapes and colors. All tend to be fragrant. Peonies raised from seed do not come true to the parent plant, though they may strongly resemble it. These tree peony seeds are mixed colors and great for the experimental gardener. Tree peonies grown from seed will bloom in about 4-5 years, so this project does require some patience.

Seeds will be back in stock in September 2022.

We will send complete instructions for starting seeds and planting.Tree peony seeds will grow in USDA Zones 4-9.
We send twenty (25) seeds, collected from our own Chinese Central Plains cultivar group tree peony seeds.

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