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"Hot Colors" Peony Landscape Trio- no staking required

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Experienced peony gardeners the world over all share the same lament, as soon as large blossomed double form peonies are set to open, a spring rain rolls in and the peonies are sprawled on the ground, felled by the cruel physics of a large flower borne on a skinny stem. While peony rings and staking can help mitigate this, any honest gardener will admit that this an unwinnable battle.

Where a landscape impact is desired, we recommend planting cultivars which have been bred and selected for stem strength. Many of the peonies in this collection have all received the distinction of the American Peony Society Award of Landscape Merit. These hybrid peonies plants are more compact than traditional lactiflora types. They have stout stems and well proportioned flowers which will hold up well in the landscape with staking or peony rings. 

This collection will contain 3 plants from a selection of our strongest stemmed cultivars with brightly colored blooms. Your collection will include one red, one coral, and one pink plant. Some of the cultivars that may be included are: Cytherea, Coral Sunset, Red Charm, Coral Supreme, Blaze, Pink Hawaiian Coral, Scarlet O'Hara.


Bloom time: These hybrid peonies bloom in our USDA zone 6a garden in the last week of May and first week of June.

Zone hardiness: Proven in USDA zones 4-9.

Plant sizes: 4-5 'eyes' or buds with proportional roots. This size plant will most likely flower in its second spring after planting, though many did bloom the first year.

When we ship: FALL 2021 to USDA zone 4-9.

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