Pear, 'Winnals Longdon' perry pear

Pear, 'Winnals Longdon' perry pear

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Pyrus comminus

Variety description
(from Brooks and Olmo Register of Fruit and Nut Varieties) :  A mid- season scab-resistant perry pear with high acids and low tannins. Raised by Mr. Winnall of Woodfield, England, in the parish of Weston-under-Penyard about 1790. Fruit is small, pyriform. Skin is greenish-yellow, with considerable red blush; slight russet at stem end, more at calyx end; lenticels small, numerous and conspicuous. Ripens in early October in England's West Midlands.

Mature tree is medium to large; very productive but tends toward biennial bearing; slow to come into bearing. Relatively free of fruit scab. Perry produced is of good quality vintage with moderate acids and low tannins. 

Site requirements: Full sun location. Pears will grow in a range of soil types provided the planting location is well drained. Soil pH of 6.5 is ideal.

Hardiness: USDA zones 5-9.

Plant size: Tree 2-3' tall with strong central leader.

When we ship: Available for SPRING 2019 shipping. 

Shipping restrictions: Cannot ship to Canada.

Organically grown by Cricket Hill Garden, in compliance with CT NOFA Farmer's Pledge.

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