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White Lotus, tree peony, in 4 size variants

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Notable characteristics: These plants are grown from seed, collected from excellent cultivars of Chinese and Japanese tree peonies. No two plants are exactly alike in this White Lotus category. Seed grown tree peonies are all unique, though many look alike and can readily be paired together. The photos show a selection of the flower possibilities. 

We grow dozens of these seedlings every year, but find ourselves with too many seedlings and too few nursery beds.

Our tree peony collection consists of over 350 distinct cultivars of Chinese, Japanese and American tree peonies, so our seeds are drawn from a quite a diverse gene pool, thanks to our promiscuous pollinators. 

Mother plants of these seedlings include exceptional Gansu rockii tree peonies varieties such as: Boundless Bright Sky, White Screen Reflects a Blue Jewel and Snow Lotus, among others. We have been collecting and sowing seed from these tree peonies for about fifteen years. Most of the flower forms are semi-double and display the distinctive dark maroon rockii flares at the base of the petals. 

Growth habit and size at maturity (10 years old): Upright flowers held well above the foliage. Plants will grow on average to 4 to 4.5 ft. tall and 3-4 ft. wide. Tree peonies are very attractive landscape plants with beautiful foliage, which lasts from early spring to the frost, and then the leaves drop off. The woody structure remains and is not cut down. Tree peonies bloom on 'old wood', and hold the buds for the next season.

Flower form and size: Most will bloom as semi-double, though you may have some double forms. Size range of 7-9".

Flower Fragrance: Sweet

Bloom time: Mid-season blooming, flowers in our USDA zone 6a garden usually bloom in the second to fourth week of May. 

Deer do not find the foliage attractive, so they are considered deer resistant. However they are not deer-proof and we have had very occasional browsing.

Zone Hardiness: Tree peonies will grow in USDA Zones 4-9.

Plant size:  Available in 4 sizes. See drop down menu below to choose the size plant you prefer. 

   The 2-3 year size have approximately 2 woody stems with buds, and a well developed root system. This size plant may need 1 more year to bloom.

   The 3-4 year size have 3-4 woody stems. The 6-7 year size will have 6-7 woody stems, while the 8 year, XL size is the largest we ship with 7-8 woody stems and a large root system. The larger plants have multiple flower buds set and will likely bloom the first year in the ground.

When we ship:  Spring 2023 shipping to all USDA zone 4-9. Immediate shipping can be requested for zones 8-9. Warmer zones should be planted before late March. Please let us know when you will be planting.


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