Herbaceous Peony Cutting Collection
Herbaceous Peony Cutting Collection

Herbaceous Peony Cutting Collection

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Three herbaceous peonies with robust 4/5 eye roots, these are blooming size plants from our gardens.

Admired by our visitors but too few to sell as named varieties, we offer them as a group priced at substantial savings. We will give you a variety of colors and shapes- our choice- all are beautiful! A great way to start a collection. The value of these plants is $105 if sold as named varieties.

Deer resistant. Herbicide, pesticide, and fungicide free. Grown in Connecticut.

Many of us have devoted a section of our garden to plants that supply flowers for cutting. Herbaceous peonies make an ideal flower for such a garden. They have numerous, fragrant flowers, in shapes varying from single to full doubles, and colors from dark magenta to the palest of pink and white.They require quality soil with good drainage, ideally full sun or 6 hours to grow well. As a general rule, herbaceous peonies bloom well in USDA zones 3-8. In zone 9, we do know of people who have success in areas of California and northern Florida by planting "eyes" just below the soil. This allows plants to have more exposure to cold temperatures in winter, promoting bloom

When we ship: Reserve for SPRING 2019 shipping to all USDA zone 4-8. USDA ZONE 9 CAN SHIP DEC.-FEB. for planting in cool weather.

We do have some potted for nursery pick up. Sorry we do not ship potted plants.

About us: Cricket Hill Garden is a family owned and operated nursery founded in 1989 and based in Connecticut. We propagate and grow the vast majority of the plants we sell. Most garden centers and nurseries do the opposite of this, 'buying in' and reselling most plants they offer. Growing our own stock allows us to offer the rare and unusual plants we sell as well as provide the highest quality plants to the discerning gardener. We do not use synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fungicides in our nursery production.

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