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Paeonia, Coral Hybrid Herbaceous Peony Collection

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These three, gorgeous coral-pink herbaceous peony plants bring new color excitement to the mid-spring garden.  All are vigorous and easy blooming cultivars. Blossoms on all three plants are borne on strong stems. Plant about 3' apart. These plants will all grow to between 30-36" tall at maturity.

Bloom time: These showy peonies bloom in our USDA zone 6a garden in late May and the first week of June.

Zone hardiness: Proven in USDA zones 3-9.

Plant sizes: Plants are 4-5 'eyes' or buds with proportional roots. This size plant will most likely flower in its second spring in the ground, though many do bloom the first spring.

When we ship: WINTER/SPRING 2023

Nursery Availability: A limited inventory of potted plants available for pick up at our nursery this season.

This collection consists of three peony plants:

Coral Sunset

Notable characteristics: Vibrant coral-peach blossoms with peach, change to ivory as the blossom ages, giving it dimensional tones. Excellent grower and plant habit. 

Coral Charm

Notable characteristicsSuperb coral-peach blossoms change to a subtle lemon yellow. Excellent grower. American Peony Society Gold Medal Selection.

Pink Hawaiian Coral

Notable characteristicsSuperb coral-peach blossoms fade to a subtle coral-yellow before the petals fall. This plant is related to "Coral Charm", with more petals and fuller flower form. Excellent grower.


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