Fruit Trees & Berry Bushes

Our USDA zone 6a garden is a good area to experiment with many different unusual types of edible plants. Our soil is not exceptionally good, and our lows for the winter of 2014-15 flirted with -10° F. Thus, if we can successfully grow it, so most likely can you. From the many different types of fruit bearing plants we grow, we have only chosen the best to propagate. Our criteria for selection are those that have proven to be easy to grow and maintain with a reliable, prolific crop. The vast majority of fruit bearing trees and shrubs all thrive under similar conditions. These are: minimum 6 hours sun, fertile, well drained soil, and a pH around 6.0. Pest and disease issues can be greatly mitigated by proper siting. Always remember: right plant, right place. All new fruit and berry plantings need protection from deer browse and critter damage. See the Learn section for full planting and care instructions.

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