Herbaceous Peonies

Herbaceous peonies are very hardy perennials (USDA zones 3-8) bloom in early to mid-spring, depending on the variety. In the fall stems die back to the ground. Optimum growth is achieved in an area with fertile, well drained soil and full sun. See our Learn section for extensive information on growing herbaceous peonies.
There are over two dozen wild species of herbaceous peonies which grow over a wide range of Asia and Europe. The most common species is Paeonia lactiflora, which is native to China where it is known as 芍藥 shaoyao. In the early 1800s that large flowered, fragrant varieties were imported from China and planted for their ornamental qualities in Europe. Many of these were later brought to the United States and are considered heirloom cultivars today. In our selection, you will find some of these old favorites as well as more recent hybrids which extend the herbaceous peony season by blooming before the traditional varieties.

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