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Tree peony, Pink Lotus, Topiary Form, 5 year old plant

$ 139
**This potted plant is only for curbside pickup at the nursery. 

Notable characteristics:

Silken flowers in the softest shade of a light, warm pink, with deeper pink accents, highlighted with a bright gold center. Fast growing, hardy cultivar is a seed grown cross of a Chinese rockii peony and a Japanese tree peony. The resulting plant is very vigorous, unique , one-of-a-kind tree peony. Highly recommended, and easy to grow. 

Growth habit and size at maturity (10 years old): Upright and slightly spreading, grows to 4.5' tall. To keep it as a topiary, bottom growth will be trimmed every year. It will go back to its natural spreading shrub form with multiple branches if it isn't trimmed.

Flower form and size: Semi-double blossoms, 7-8". 

Flower fragrance: Light, sweet.

Bloom time: Early, mid-season tree peony, blooms in our USDA zone 6a garden in the first week of mid-May.

Zone hardiness: Proven in USDA zones 4-9. 

Plant size:  This 5 year old tree peony has been trained to 1 main woody stem, 3 ft. tall, with a lot of new growth bushy top growth and a well developed root system. Three flower buds this year. Potted up into a 4 gallon container. Beautiful plant to highlight on a deck or porch. You can grow in in the pot and then in winter, keep it in a garage for protection.

Nursery availability: SPRING 2020 pick up.


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